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    THE jl14 VISION

    What hopefully makes jl14 different from any religious club is that my heart is to love people more openly and fully. To love people deeply is the absolute measurement of the effectiveness of a leader. God is love and without love we are nothing. It's what makes life real and tasteful! God is all about the heart and the attitude behind our everyday activities. He wishes for our hearts to be free, alive and joyful.


    Fundamentally, God's grace is the beginning and end of our salvation. We can try to work our way up to Him but we will come up short over and over. It is only when we embrace Him with gratitude that we enter into His presence, scripture states. jl14 aims to encourage people to do so. The more appreciative we are towards God, others and ourselves the deeper we dive into His heavenly realm. The key to joy is gratitude.


    I don't believe in staying silent. Just like all the great leaders in history, such as Martin Luther King, we are to use our voice as well. We cannot stay silent in the face of opposition. Challenge may come, difficult days are ahead, yes, and anyway we need to use our voice for the greater good. We cannot be so selfish that we would not speak up. Why not help those in need of truth and knowledge? If you have learnt anything about God, do your best to represent Him, don't keep Him locked inside.


    Basically it all started with an interest. I wanted to learn more about how to have a positive influence on people. I wanted to be someone that tried his best to change society for the better.

    As you probably are aware, having a dream is one thing but putting it into reality is a  different thing altogether. I stumbled my way through to where I am at right now. Looking back I would have never thought that I'd be doing what I'm doing today! I'm loving it! However, it's all by God's amazing grace, isn't it?!
    So many times I wanted to quit. So many times I felt exhausted. So many times I thought to myself: IMPOSSIBLE! But... the story goes on :)

    God knows what He does when He puts dreams and desires into our hearts, doesn't He?! We may not always know how but He does! The only way, though, you will see your dreams come to pass is if you start believing again and surrender all you have to Him!

    That's exactly what I did - starting out as someone who had little confidence, knowing nothing at all about making a difference. One of the first steps I felt prompted to was to start posting instagram quotes. But guess what... no one cared. No one seemed interested...
    And I still did it! I believed that somehow God could use the little I had and turn it into more! And so He did :)! That's why you're reading this today!

    I kept on going even when it seemed as though it didn't matter what I had to say. And that was the best decision I ever made. I chose to step out and try!

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